Thursday, August 28, 2008

It happened again

Elmo's new friend.

he is our new housemate

Strhobo Strhobowskj

sometimes I make one and...I just cannot even think of letting it go.
It is the case of Mr. Strhobo Strhobowskj.
I finished him yesterday night, and after taking some pictures of him and having a look at them, I suddenly knew that I wasn't going to send him anywhere.
Look at him, his "beard" is practically ALIVE! he talks with it! and it is one of the most huggable monster I've ever made...and also it was my firs experiment of a more tridimensional butt, so it happens that he can sit on his own, looking up with his laconic bulging eyes...

so...welcome Mr. Strhobowskj, here you are now, I am glad you arrived!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

freshly baked goods in the shop

Pony J. Cigliack

Crem Brulle

as I "promised" yesterday night: here are the last monsters that I made and today I put them in my shopppe.

I want to tell you something about Crem Brulle, the orange and brown one: just a little curiosity about this two fabric which I am very fond of: they both were presents, the beautiful bright orange has been given to me by my friend carola*, a lady I met at the market in berlin. she makes very nice bags and little purses. The brown one come from my friend Vera: she gave it to me in Milan in june after a long time we didn't see each other. so, maybe you don't think about it, but behind fabric there are often dear thoughts and memories...

uh, and I named it Brulle because my friend Trespi said that she looks like "the Howl" by E. Munch, and "bruelle" is german for howl....

*carola and caroline and aurelie and luise and inka are some of my new friends at the markets here in berlin. I will post soon something about them. they are very clever girls that make unique handmade stuff, each one in her own nice way. there is a nice atmosphere here at the markets and it's very nice to meet all this people that make things. before coming here in berlin I didn't have "collegues" like this, now it is very nice to have someone to chat with, spending afternoons talking about sewing machine models, fabric shops, etc.
I love it, and I feel very lucky.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scissors scissors, where are thou?

Pony J. Cigliack

Sabino Cincillàh

here I am with some of the last monsters I made between yesterday and today!
I am really into furry fabric lately, but I like to match it with some other kind of fabric: that is one of the aspect of this job that I like more.
It always starts with the combination of color/fabric, and later it comes the shape.
In most cases I never know how it will come out at the end, I don't use patterns: I work always on the floor and I lay down every piece and then I start to find the right place/shape for ears, legs, etc..
today I was kind of hyperactive and I kept having ideas and I almost couldn't have something done without already thinking of the next. when it is like this I always loose my scissors. I hate that. today it happended around 1003 times, I think. and if it's not the scissors is something else.

a bit tired know. I have to decide wich one of the last monsters will go on my shop.
I will do that tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2008

working with a smile


woah, you know, I didn't expect such a nice feedback already from the beginning! thanks to the folks of the needle ! it is a very nice feeling that of being part of a community like this one of the "softie scene", and so having the possibility to share ideas and projects.

today I have been working on some supplies that I need for making my next Les MOnstrìs, like printing the fabric tags with the wood stamp of my logo and cutting dozens of little rainbowy fingers..usually I find this kind of job very boring, but today I was quite excited and couldn't wait to have them ready for making new monstersssss. some of them coming super soon on these screens!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

my first time

Oswald Carotino
hallo everyone!
I'd like to inaugurate this blog with the last softie that I made: his name is Oswald Carotino, he is a superorange dog/bunny/I don't know.
here I will post all the blablabla about the things that I make and other stuff that I like.
yeah. that's all for now...
have a nice weekend, all of you zero readers..