Monday, October 13, 2008

busy week

Amish Coldhands

Flash Mc enroe

Pumpkin Love

I am trying to have everything ready before the departure for italy (this sunday), but I have tons of things to sew yet...those two up there were made this afternoon, the first one is called Amish Coldhands. he has this superhuge wings/hands that you cannot really see in this picture..I am quite sadisfied with the fabrics combination and the eyes.. the other one is called Flash Mc enroe, he is kind of a nu-electro licantrope superhero wannabe...

Lately I am really into hokkaido pumpkin, I love the vegetables of this season..tonight we had pumpkin risotto, and yesterday it was this plate pictured above: plain basmati rice, scrambled tofu with black seseme seeds and red pepper, with roasted diced hokkaido with red onions and coriander, superyummy!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


sarò presente (con le creature mostriche e -finalmente! le felpe con le doppie alci cucite) a tutti i concerti del tour di Claudio Rocchetti.
passate a salutarmi!!

(trad: I will be in italy following Claudio Rocchetti's live sets, with a suitcase full of monsters and hooded sweaters with my double moose sewn on)

24 Oct 2008 21:00 solo - dauntaun (+talibam!) milano
28 Oct 2008 18:00 solo - modo infoshop bologna
29 Oct 2008 20:00 dj set - sesto senso bologna
31 Oct 2008 22:00 solo - fanfulla roma
1 Nov 2008 22:00 IN ZAIRE - lazzaretto BLEEAAHH FEST (+filario farinoppo) bologna
2 Nov 2008 18:00 IN ZAIRE - codalunga "3 days of struggle" vittorio veneto
4 Nov 2008 21:00 solo - tagomago (+ovo) massa
6 Nov 2008 19:00 solo - studio 28 (+andrea marutti) milano
7 Nov 2008 22:30 dj set - sciarada bolzano
8 Nov 2008 21:00 solo - metal rage festival (+Underground Disorder, Brain of Maggot, Skin Tickets, Storm{O}) fiera di primiero (tn)
9 Nov 2008 20:00 solo - zuni ferrara

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post Zuni

grazie a tutte le persone che sono state allo Zuni lo scorso weekend!!! che figata!!
(se per caso avete delle foto della serata mi mandate qcs per favore?)

I am working on some new monsters that maybe are going to ferrara again...last weekend there was my first "solo monster show" in this place called Zuni in Ferrara, italy..(the art show was a collateral event of this festival for Internazionale, an italian magazine that collects articles from the worldwide press).
too bad that I couldn't be there, but Nicola, the curator, was supernice and he kept me in contact with almost live reportages via email, letting me know that there was a lot of people interested and that almost all of my Les MOnstrìs have been kidnapped* I will probably have to send some new ones because tha show is intended to stay until the beginning of november!!!!
woOoOoO O ooohOOoOOOOoooO! that was such a nice surprise for me!! I couldn't believe it!!
I hope I could get some pictures of the show to post here...


Friday, October 3, 2008

a weekend away


Monster Tree

a long weekend away from my sewing machine, my computer, away from the city. I think I needed that, even if I really like my current daily routine...
I haven't been seeing my family for a while now, so it was nice to stay home a bit. we went on the mountains where we have a little old house that belong to my grand mother Nonna Silvia. the weather was nice and I walked around the woods with our dog Siska. (I miss oh so much having a pet...). We were also looking for good mushrooms to eat with polenta, but the only ones I could find were those beautiful and poisoning amanitas. Instead I found this beautiful Monster Tree, and I was astonished!
now I am back in berlin and I have to find my rythm with sewing again. there are a lot of different project that I want to carry on with, I only have to organize my stuff a little bit better. uh, by the way, I have a new studio (at home), I will be posting some pictures soon!