Sunday, November 30, 2008

here's Giuliano!

Giuliano Mc Squammons
(in the shop)

I just finished him half an hour ago, and I was very excited about him, so I decided he deserves a post only for him!
I've been wanting to make a softie with felt scales like this for a long time, but I didn't want it to be an owl....
I think I will make other experiments with this "technique", we'll see in the future.

uh, and I am also very fond of the other bear I made yesterday:

Gideon Rockets

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

olè olè

hey, I know that maybe it doesn't seem so, but I am working hard to make my little shop looking a little bit more full! check out the last pieces I made, some of them are in my shop, others are gone to a shop in milan, some in Baltimore and others in is OH so nice to make my monsters travel around-the-world-around-the-wo-orld!!!

Gelsomino Ciuccenkranz

Franco De Lassiette

Rufus Kelloggs
(available in the shop)

Bella Smithson and Juan Martinez Lindau
(Seattle and Milan)

Alekseji and Fedor Malachinskji

Bjorn Savage

outside here in berlin it's so fucking cold, and actually that's the perfect weather to stay at home sewing...but now I have to layer myself with clothes and go out to bring some of my Les Monstrìs to my friend Caroline's shop and at Supalife Kiosk...

Excuse My French Shop
Sredzkistr.39 Prenzlauerberg

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm back, I'm back!

new hooded sweaters!
contact me for details

rocchetti e mattia moustache at modoinfoshop

moustache's posters

rocchetti live at dauntaun, milano

monsters and merchandise

after almost one month away from home, finally we are back in berlin! It has been a lot of fun and we had several good occasions to see friends that we haven't been seeing for ages...
I was in italy following my boyfriend on tour, he played with his solo project and I was there to sell his merchandise and some of my stuff!
some of the "highlights":
the opening for the show of Moustache at ModoInfoshop in Bologna.
Moustache is the head behind the bearded posters for the live gigs at XM24, a huge squatted space were there are bands playing every week (we saw Sic Alps that night);
Modoinfoshop is one of my favorite places in that city: it is a small bookshop that sells comics, selfmade books, small editors, as well as a good choice of prints and dvd...and once a week they make events like this or meetings with the authors etc..
another of my favorite places in bologna is the brand new Pesci Pneumatici atelier, a room in the house of my friend Lucia, transformed in a space where she displays/sells handmade stuff from a few european designers... their website it's in italian only but it's worth checking out, and also their other designers' sites..
that's all for now, soon I will be posting pictures of what I am working on currently, that is: the hooded sweaters and some super realistic humanfaced monsters...I still have to get back to the usual routine..