Wednesday, December 10, 2008

some visitors...

the first sun ray in WEEKS...

the kitchen in a fugacious moment of tidiness
(as my mother left it...)

beans from my mother's garden

I am usually very messy when I cook... parents were here for the weekend, their first time in berlin.. it's been very nice to show them some of my places, I even brought them to visit trendmafia, a craft fair held every month not far away from my house, so that they could see that it is not so abnormal to make a living out of some handmade stuff, eheh...they enjoyed it, met a few of my friends and even bought some presents, like this superclever hat+scarf, a very nice piece at a super affordable price! check it out! I think I am going to buy one also for me...;)
now we are back to normality, and I have more time to work on my stuff..I have a lot of non-plush ideas that I intend to make, we'll see what will come out..

here's the one for today:

Jacquelino Sommeil
he is in the shop!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's MOONBOOT time!

aren't they RED?

today it was snowing a lot and I had to go to the post office...
everybody seemed to look at my feet.
I am still wondering why.

here is

enjoy the warmth of your homes