Monday, January 26, 2009

ninon's touring shop part II

....ready to leave berlin, for a couple of weeks I will be in italy, here's the schedule:

OLYVETTY smettila di suonare datti fuoco tour!

29/01 - codalunga - vittorio veneto (+nastro mortal)
30/01 - secret place - milano (+ dracula lewis) -(see hundebiss myspace)
31/01 - esposta - verona
0102 - circondario sud - cesena (+lorenzo senni)
02/02 - fanfulla 101 roma (+the beasts)
05/02 - cs 28 maggio - rovato (bs) (+iron molar)
06/02 - veronika - parma (+dracula lewis)
07/02 - Transmission @ NT gallery - bologna


apart from their music and releases, we will also have the two tshirt (designed by me, printed by serimal), some Double Deer hoodies, monsters etc...check it out if you're not on the other part of the planet!!!

I will be back with some new Les MOnstris around the 11th of february

stay coooool



Excuse my French said...

have a great tour ! i wish you a lot of succes with all your stuff and fun also ! see you back in february !

Nic said...

have a fun time in italy!

i'll stop on by to see some new monstris soon!