Thursday, February 26, 2009

things you do when you're at home alone

1. ordering you bookshelves per color
2. sleeping in the living room on the sofa bed

3. taking a 115 pictures photoshoot of ONE softie
and then choosing the two that look the same*

3. taking silly selfportraits

(edit: and going out buying groceries with this thing still pinned to my jumper..I forgot about that! this happened because there was nobody there to remind me ...)

4. jumping around the flat while listening to
"Spirits Of Life - Haitian Vodou"
or :

5. cooking too much stuff and then eating that same thing for lunch-dinner-lunch

6. writing posts that will make you feel very embarassed the next day

7. thinking too much

and you? what's your fav thing to do when you are at home alone?

*more about him soon


Kitty Vane said...

I sing and dance (I'm horribly bad at both and will only do it when there's no one else to see or hear) and lounge about in my PJs all day. I take naps on the sofa with the TV on for company and I carry my cat about with me around the apartment. I make to much food too.

lookwhaticando said...

I wish I was home alone more....but with two kids...not so much. When I am home alone I love to sew, clean, sing, and before I had kids I used to watch movies, take self portraits and organize stuff.

outi said...

ha ha;D this post made me laugh. i totally agree with all of those! i also can easily walk around the whole day in my pyjama trousers and eat straight from the kettle.. eh, and i´m already embarassed to admit these;)

ninon said...

eating straight from the kettle, isn't it Freedom at its best?? eheheh

thegoodmachinery said...

mi piacerebbe un casino sentire spirits of beh vado a cercarli.mi piaciono i tuoi pupazzi.paiono vivi
forse lo sono haha :)

mieke willems said...

nice post! love the bookshelf! being at home alone is so nice :)

meg said...

the most awesome post ever.

ninon said...

hei thank you for the comments everyone! I have to admit I had some fun making this post! :)

Claudia said...

not much but that's what I like! reading a design magazine, a little sewing, walking my dog and maybe some organising (ex: my shoes by colors!).

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

i personaly like this post, nothing to be ashamed of..
i love the jumper with the mouth, if i were you i would probably sew it on.. the food looks great and the video is super nice.
when i'm alone at home i like to go into my magazines and look at the pictures, cut the ones i prefer out, and put them back together in a book the way i like.