Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Flying Couch Project

1. Forlì

the F.C.P. is going to be a collection of pictures taken from the different bed solutions where I will sleep when I am not at home.
in the next two weeks I will be hosted by many different friends, nice people connected with the organization of gigs for my boyfriend's musical project Olyvetty

it's always a surprise!

stay tuned

Monday, January 26, 2009

ninon's touring shop part II

....ready to leave berlin, for a couple of weeks I will be in italy, here's the schedule:

OLYVETTY smettila di suonare datti fuoco tour!

29/01 - codalunga - vittorio veneto (+nastro mortal)
30/01 - secret place - milano (+ dracula lewis) -(see hundebiss myspace)
31/01 - esposta - verona
0102 - circondario sud - cesena (+lorenzo senni)
02/02 - fanfulla 101 roma (+the beasts)
05/02 - cs 28 maggio - rovato (bs) (+iron molar)
06/02 - veronika - parma (+dracula lewis)
07/02 - Transmission @ NT gallery - bologna


apart from their music and releases, we will also have the two tshirt (designed by me, printed by serimal), some Double Deer hoodies, monsters etc...check it out if you're not on the other part of the planet!!!

I will be back with some new Les MOnstris around the 11th of february

stay coooool


Friday, January 23, 2009

whirlpools of thread, fabric, pins, ideas, friends.

uoah, these are some busy days...I am getting things ready before my departure: from monday I will be on tour again with my boyfriend and his duo project, Olyvetty. we will be around italy for a couple of weeks (uhm, if it sounds like "I" am in the band, that's NOT, I only sell his merchandise and some of my stuff, eheh)...

I've been working on some new monsters, I am so happy that I got such a great response from my flickr friends, and also my esty shop is working better and better..I am making and posting a new monster almost every day, check it out around 6 PM CET!

Annarella Kolbaccovski

Emma Chiplsetten

Higgins Mac Figgins

Crispino Furrytail


I have tons of ideas for projects that are almost keeping me awake at night, in bed I spend hours turning and returning on some pieces that I want to make, it's like having a slide show of images of things that don't exist, uh? but sometimes I'd better be sleeping..
the big hit in these days is working more on the techniques of free hand machine embroidery, I have to work on some of this stuff or an exhibition that I will have in mid april in Bologna. for now I am like hypnotized with drawing trees and branches. this is my first attempt:

that's all for tonight, I just want to say HELLO to my new friends at Lou Lou And Oscar and at Lobster and Swan

Thank you all for making my days

Monday, January 19, 2009


a plush maker studio

One of the things that I like most in my work is that being a manual job, while I work my mind can wonder and wonder...(well, until I chop off one finger, of course, but, anyway...)
I was saying that when I am working on some piece, I often think of the same gestures that I have in common with all the other crafters around the world...for example,how many of you use the floor like I do? I really can't SIT properly at my desk, I stay there just for sewing with the machine. Instead I spend hours in the position you see in the fourth picture. I know that maybe it's not very healthy (I often suffer from backache when I work for more than 4 hours with no break), but I feel really comfortable like that , and everything is just at the reach of my hand...well, when things get messy like in the second picture, it becomes difficult to find some little useful objects, like my sneaky scissors (I loose them at least 4 times a day..)...

every 3 or 4 day I clean up all the little pieces of fabric and thread and I fold all the fabrics away, but it's stronger than me, after few hours it becomes exactly as in the second picture...
and, does it happen to you also, to have small pieces of thread on every item of your wardrobe? and people approach you saying "I think you've got something on your coat" or something like that...the funny part is that it's starting to happen to my boyfriend as well...eheh..

have a marvellous week folks

Friday, January 9, 2009

vegan food instead of monsters...

lately I am much more relaxed, the holidays have gone and I found myself with some more spare time to dedicate to cooking my meals...and experimenting new recipes, and..spending hours on some great vegan blogs...I just discovered this and this, both are full of great recipes and photos that are a treat for the eyes!
soon I will add a link section for vegan-related blogs!
in the meantime, here are some of the goodies that I cooked this week, some before and after...

psychedelic broccoli and red cabbage

broccoli+red cabbage+champignons in coconut milk curry sauce
supercrispy deepfried tofu cutlets topped with fried leeks
plain basmati rice

(kind of) Sacher Torte
variation with homemade raspberry jam
(I know that Nanni Moretti would kill me for daring to make a variation on that cake...)

spinach knodelini
kind of gnocchi, but made with old bread soaked in soymilk (instead of potatoes)
tossed in a veg margarine, sage and garlic sauce
I made some variation on mihl's recipe for knodel

Thursday, January 8, 2009

hey hey hey

some news for les printemps:
soon available my t-shirt designed for Claudio Rocchetti!
screenprinted by serimal
as soon as I get my hands on them, this furry monster is going to have a pair of red eyes handsewn.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Berlin Dolls

I am listening over and over to "Radio Cure" by Wilco, that is a pretty sad song, outside it's -8°C and..OH, I heart's the perfect time for sewing...and have to say that I am pretty darn satisfied with how my last monstery dolls turned out:

Tessa Smithson

Amelia Smithson

Theresa Smithson

I really enjoy working on details and I am thinking of starting to make even some clothes/accessories for them...

Friday, January 2, 2009

bits and pieces of the last weeks

I've been away for a while, in italy for christmas, but back in berlin for new year's are some fragments of the last weeks here and there...

I think I got into the "hanging embroidery hoop" mania...
this one is hanging from my studio's door, but
soon there will be something like that in my shop

these are some new things I got lately to hang in my studio...
for the moment it is still quite empty, just a big desk for the sewing machine
and some shelves for all the fabrics..
I am slowly working on it, I would like to paint the walls in copper green
as soon as I have some time
I'll post some pictures of the new steps..

I got this plushy deer trophy for christmas
it's kind of kitschy, but I love it

this is my bed in my parent's house
the sheets were handembroidered by my grandma when she was 12 (it has her initials and "1939" written with x-stitch); the bed belonged to my grangrandparents...
it gives a strange feeling to sleep in that bed...
for different reasons (studies, etc...) I spent half of my life far away from my parent's house,
but it is so nice to see that there are things that stay the same, for decades...

christmas at kultur brauerei

Gilbert Sinaloa
I think he is one of the myfav monster that I've ever made
I wish I had a tail like that..