Thursday, February 26, 2009

things you do when you're at home alone

1. ordering you bookshelves per color
2. sleeping in the living room on the sofa bed

3. taking a 115 pictures photoshoot of ONE softie
and then choosing the two that look the same*

3. taking silly selfportraits

(edit: and going out buying groceries with this thing still pinned to my jumper..I forgot about that! this happened because there was nobody there to remind me ...)

4. jumping around the flat while listening to
"Spirits Of Life - Haitian Vodou"
or :

5. cooking too much stuff and then eating that same thing for lunch-dinner-lunch

6. writing posts that will make you feel very embarassed the next day

7. thinking too much

and you? what's your fav thing to do when you are at home alone?

*more about him soon

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr. Bird Bear

I made this mixed media drawing yesterday night...the idea came from a bear head rubber stamp I got yesterday, and I was somehow inspired my Marc Johns's ... but he's pure genius!
maybe I'll work on some other collages with this transparent paper...

turning on my table:

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
- Horses In the Sky

Monday, February 23, 2009

good times

the best little present
a book with soft pages

I spent such a nice afternoon in Prenzlauerberg today, chez my friend Caroline... we chatted for 3 hours about our craft jobs and books and so, and she gave me the best pincushion ever, this little book (the cover is in blue tartan plaid wool with a felted heart, based on a pattern by her grandma :)... she made it with the super sewing machine she got as a present from a friend that was moving out of berlin... such nice things...and she also gave me two sponges (go see this, I find it funnily genius!)...

then on my way back home I encountered a white rabbit that was going in the opposite direction...:

but I didn't feel like following him.
I went to a thai restaurant instead.

and then I got home.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've been tagged!

Augustus Pennarelli

Monsieur Pennarelli has been included in one of the sweet "list" post at Plush You by our dear Kristen...

Ma belle Caroline from Excuse my French tagged me this morning!
so here are my answers:

Diamonds or pearls : pearls if I really have to choose, but I don't like jewelry
The last movie i saw : Annie Hall, the other night, for the 20th time in my life, I believe....
My favorite TV show : Northern Exposure. I know it's a bit "old", but I don't have a tv nowadays...
My breakfast : today I had an hazelnuts and raspberry tart made by me, and some organic apple juice, uh, and a kiwi. I usually change my breakfast every day because I get bored pretty quickly of eating always the same stuff..
My second first name :Don't have one
Food i don't like : apart all the animal derived food that I don' eat, I would say ...brussel sprouts and cucumber! bleeeh...
My favorite first name at the present time : eloise
Caracter trait i don't like : in me? the fact that I am a bit lazy and I tend to wander around and postpone everything that MUST be done... in other people: immodesty and lack of sense of humor
A place i would like to fly to : Japan! apart from the big cities I would love to explore the countryside there.
Where i'd like to retire : in my grandma's little house in the alps on the border with switzerland, is a place that you can reach only after half an hour of walking...who cares, by the time I will retire there will be an internet connection even there...:)
Chocolate or vanilla : chocolate
The last person i talked to on the phone : my father, today it's his birthday!
Sweet or salty : sweet. definitely. I love cooking but it happens to me a lot to get the salt wrong, too much or nothing at all... I have more taste for sweet things.
My favorite day of the week : all of them. being that I am my chief regarding the work, I can choose to place a sunday instead of a thursday, eheh...when I was a teenager at some point I noticed that relevant or nice things were occurring to me always on a tuesday...strange, uh?

here we are. be sure to check out caroline's brand new etsy shop! she makes the sweetiest flower brooches!

And now is my turn to tag: I choose Kitty Vane and Luzia Pimpinella

taking pictures around the house

not much to write about, I am learning to use my camera, I had it since november and I am using it everyday, but I don't always find all the time that I would like to for taking decent pictures. And these are some stay-indoor days spent listening to:

Bonnie Prince Billy
- Cursed Sleep (a lot)
Afraid! - Megaloklift
Moondog - The Viking Of Sixth Avenue
Frank Sinatra - One More For The Road

and watching Sonic Youth video on youtube...but I'll be back to this topic next week...with a surprise... ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

weekend. breakfast.

it's snowing and I will be at home alone for the next 2 weeks...
I love to take my breakfast sitting there, while doing some window birdwatching.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sabine Sabot

here are some random facts for the last days:

in the picture: Sabine Sabot, she is the last doll I've made these I am working on some custom orders..

my friend kyoko from japan just found out I was featured here...funny and embarassing at the same time..eheh

and I would like to thank Jenni and Luzia Pimpinella for the kind words about me in their lovely blogs!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mieke Willems

Mieke and Veronika

mieke willems' shop in Anwerp

inside the shop

a collection of shared objects

yay, I am back to my "normal" life, two weeks and 3500 km later...
I want to inaugurate this return with a post about someone else, for a change...

The two braided girls at the beginnig of this thread are Mieke and Veronika, from Antwerp, Belgium.
I started browsing through their flickr and in a pair of clicks I immediately felt that little warm inside that you get when finding something that precisely answers to your question for beauty in the world.
These two girls are very close friends and among the wide range of things that they share there is a strong passion for collecting objects, like wood block, rubber stamps, child books, mobiles and little simple old games, thrift treasures... their aesthetics are like driven by the imaginery of a 9 years old school girl from the U.R.S.S. in the ' their pictures one can read a nostalgic affection for simple and naif design.
Mieke and Veronika recently opened a shop in Antwerp. I really wish they had some kind of online shop, but I feel that the range of objects they sell really needs to be seen, touched and smelled, to share the pleasure of holding that little precious thing in your hand.
Everybody off to Antwerp then!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

on the road

these days are made of many ours spent on the car, my boyfriend driving, me changing the radio stations/cds, making crumbles on the seat and taking pictures from the window.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

here I am with a shot from the Flying Couch Project, more day by day here (even if it's not very easy to find an internet connection in every house we sleep, or the time to upload.)