Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(the making of) Les Monstris & Co. at Pesci Pneumatici

Les Monstris at the exhibition

my sewn drawings, also part of the exhibition

a still frame from the short animated film made by the curator of the atelier
(a member of the seiperdue studio)
I will soon post the whole video

the "identikit" of the Les Monstris available for the show

the whole bunch I worked on during the last month
ready for the departure...

and here are some pictures of the rest of the nice things you can find in the atelier:

work in progress for the display of the softies...

my little helper Sebastiano, with my boyfriend

the beautiful view from Lucia and Niccolò's room

well, I am finally back from italy, after two weeks!
the whole exhibition experience has been truly awesome! I have been living at the atelier Pesci Pneumatici with Lucia, Niccolò and their little son Sebastiano for 4 days, organizing the show: everyone working hard, watching cartoons and taking our breakfast directly on the spot!
It is a strange feeling to live in an apartment that is also a public space! surely it gives you the chance to meet a lot of new people every day, and there was this feeling going on, that all the friends that came over for a coffee or just to say hello ended up somehow helping us with putting up the show!
It's been nice to see a bunch of friends at the opening, and also a lot of people that I didn't know, I also got the chance to meet in person Violetta Testacalda, before we were only flickr friends, and it's been such a pleasure to chat with her about the internet stuff and the "softie scene"...
the show brought also interesting contacts and a nice article about me on the italian design site frizzi-frizzi, I thank them for their sweet words!

I would also like to thank all the blog/flickr friends that sent me their congratulations through nice comments, it's truly appreciated!! thank you all :)

but most of all I want to thank with all my heart Lucia and her family for being so kind and for all they did for me! Grazie!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"LES MONSTRIS & CO." an exhibition of my textile craft

sono molto contenta di annunciarvi che dalle 17 di domenica 19 fino a martedì 21 aprile ci sarà una mostra dei miei lavori all'Atelier dei Pesci Pneumatici, via Fondazza 18, Bologna!!!
La mostra sarà costituita da 30 dei miei Les Monstrìs, con una breve animazione di Roscoe, il personaggio rappresentato nella locandina, e poi una piccola selezione dei miei disegni cuciti.

I am so very excited! from Sunday the 19 until the 21st of april there will be an exhibition of my works in a supernice atelier called Pesci Pneumatici, in Bologna, Italy!!!
the show will carry 30 of my Les Monstris plus a little animation of Roscoe, the one pictured in the flyer (made by the curator of the atelier), plus a selection of my sewn drawings on embroidery hoops.......

I will post pictures of the show as soon as I can, and I will be back to my normal routine from the end of the month...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the telegram

the other day I received the BEST way of saying that someone has received a custom order from me... it was from Candy Darling, a sweet girl from Belgium that wanted her customized version of Augustus Pennarelli, I called him Barnaba... that telegram really made my day :DDD
check out her blog, it's in french only, but you may see lots of pictures of the beautiful retro jewelry that she makes, like this here:


here are some of the vintage books I got yesterday:

french course from the 1967


here are some peeks of Les Monstrìs that I am working on for the exhibition in Italy

and this is probably one of the biggest tree I've ever's a poplar tree, just round the corner from where I live, it's in the little park between Auerstrasse and Weidenweg...

Friday, April 3, 2009

reading books and sipping a drink in the sunshine

it is incredible how things can change quickly sometimes...two days ago I was feeling so awful, and today I was able to take a long walk and enjoying the sunshine wearing only a light cotton dress...(I went ouside with my coat and everything, but the temperature outside was so freaking HOT! )
me and Mr. Rocchetti we went for the first time to this place called Cafè Tasso, a cafè that is also a bookstore with a lot of interesting stuff just for 1 euro! too bad the 99% of those books is in german, and I am not able to actually read a novel like that...(I would really like to take a german course, probably after the summer)... anyway, we end up buying this:

it is a russian edition of a norwegian book of the 1976, it's about the incredible adventures of two kids and their threee pets: the dog, the cat and the duck. it is so cool that the photographer followed the bunch for a range of something like 5 years, so you can really see how they grew up together, always surronded by the wild nature of the north... Oh, how I wish I could read the stories...but they are written in cyrillic...

I bought this one for the nice illustrations and also to exercise my german...
the title says "Funny games", and it's full of nice little stories and curious things to make

this instead is the flyer I designed for Mr. Rocchetti's next tour with the italian band g.i. joe, they will be around Europe at the end of the month!!!
I am sorry that I am not posting many pictures of my last Les Monstrìs, here or on my flickr, lately, but it's because I am working on those for the exhibition, and their pictures will be available to see only after that, around the first week of may :)

uh, and another supergood news: my application for Plush Yoou 2009 has been accepted!!!
the show will be held in Seattle the weekend of the 9th October...yesterday I spent more than 1 hour browsing the flights to go there... they are actually less expensive than I expected, but still a big bunch of money...we'll would be such a great experience to meet all the other plush artists, Kristen of Schmancy, and Dawn and her family...ooooooh..we'll see, it's still quite far away to think about it...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

taking it easy (just in case...)

so, last post was about how I superbusy was, with little time to make all the things that I needed to make (just like probably ALL of you ...), today it's the first day I feel like sitting at my computer after 4 days of flu where the only thing I was able to do was laying on the couch... shitty, uh?
I am usually quite "a rock" when it's about health, I get a flu just once a year..but when it happens I get easily depressed and scared (like: "am I gonna die? will this ever end?") because it's a bit like I don't understand my body and I keep asking me (and the poor Mr. whos around me...) questions and getting hypocondriac...and boring...
so I'll better stop here for today, I will slowly get back to all the people who is waiting something from me... :)

today I managed to make some little doilies..just for fun, they are not very well made but I enjoy so much choosing the colors and putting them together..
and I also discovered this and this, and I would probably be able to make and endless wishlist out of their catalogs...

and, in berlin it's officially Spring! I hope tomorrow I will be able to take advantage of this beautiful sun to recharge my weak weak batteries...