Friday, May 15, 2009

rolling again!

Miss Anita Scartoffin

Hairy J. Mustachion

Bluey Cabooey

Miss Babette Turnesoleil

Henry Gazpacho

Popsy Japanzer

someboby left a shoe...
there are two kindergardens in the street where I live, and now with the sunny weather in the afternoon the air is filled with little children's screaming, crying, playing...

this cutie was my neighbor at Mauerpark Fleamarket last Sunday...I haven't been selling at the markets for a while now, but last sunday I decided to give it a try (instead of going there to SPEND money...) and it was just great!

wohooo, it's such a pleasure to find my usual rithm for working again on my creatures!
being that it often happens that for one reason or another I am away from home for weeks, it's not easy to find the right pace...but now I am on the right track again, here are some of my last Les Monstris!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I've been tagged


Kristen of Plush You blog got me this time, here I am with my lists:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
- my boyfriend coming home after two weeks!!! (next monday)
- my 31st birthday, same day as above!
- the little fleamarket at Hans Wurst (tomorrow)
- go on a boat trip around berlin
- having a picninc in the park
- summer summer summer
- a package from amazon with this and this
- sewing some new Les Monstris

8 Things I did yesterday:
- went to see "timeless audrey" an exhibition of Audrey Hepburn's life, with my dear friend Caroline.
- we talked a lot about the idea of having babies
- cleaned a bit the mess around my table and the rest of the house
- postponed the answering of some emails
- prepared two pizzas and a salad
- invited some friends for dinner
- talked about reoccurring dreams of loosing teeth
- watched the great "Ponyo On the Cliff by the Sea" by His Majesty Hayao Miyazaki

8 Things I Wish I could do:
- play the drums like Brian Chippendale
- go to Japan
- go to Seattle for Plush You in october
- be able to organize all my project in a better way
- be able to buy all those expensive graphic/design/photography books that I like
- learning how to screenprint
- sew more clothes
- speak a decent german

8 Shows I Watch:
mmmh, I'll skip on this, as I don't have a tv...

8 People I am tagging!
violetta testacalda

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A bucolic walk and some thoughts on the path

Last week I spent some days at my parent's place and for the weekend we went to our little cabin up in the mountains... here pictured are some of the Special Spots that I always have to visit when I go there...
This time I had a strange feeling following me with every step of the rocky path: it was the 25th of april, the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from the Nazi occupation; just before the walk I visited my Granny Silvia and her sister, and I sat there for two hours listening to their stories about the war time, and the day that they knew that the war had finally ended. In 1944 all the area was packed with SS soldiers that took many prisoners, among them my grandfather and my uncle. Many partisans were killed there, and my grandmother, who at the time was 17 years old, can't never forget the day that she found two dead bodies laying in a meadow.
Now it is so strange for me even trying to imagine what could have been to be there, in that same place, with that same beautiful landscape, only 65 years ago.
Like every time I go there, I'll treasure every word and every image they gave me that afternoon, feeling that even if I live far away in a big city and my life is completely different from the one they had there, I still belong to those places and stories, somehow.