Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back home!

this is kind of a patchwork of the nicest things that I've been up to during the last month...
we rode for 3700 km visiting a lot of friends, listening to a lot of concerts (not all of them were that cool, tough...) and sleeping around in the craziest places... (see here for the full experience about this latest issue, other pictures coming soon)
oh, I am so happy to be back!!! we arrived yesterday night, and today I already had tons and tons of things to do, like finishing up my pieces for the "STITCH WARS" exhibition!!!

my shop is still closed for the moment, but I am going to make a big shop update in the next days..stay tuned! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

along the way

hello there!

I've been touring around italy for the past two weeks, fun, yeah, but I am starting to miss my home in berlin... I will be back there in the night of the 29th, hopefully finding at least some of my plants still alive...

these last days we were resting a bit at a friendly place called Vittorio Veneto, too bad that from this computer I cannot upload any picture, I will do that soon, so I can share with you this beautiful garden, with two dogs and three cats and apricot trees and a great balcony for some "spritz party" with the craziest people...........

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"this ain't no picnic": Ninon's touring shop June '09

hei, looks like I've been rocking more than rolling in the last few weeks, or since the last post...rocking away from my computer to the sewing machine to the outdoor life, gigs, walks...
I've been working on some stuff that I will bring with me during a three weeks tour in northern italy, around music festivals and such...
I am getting ready for the departure on thursday morning, and at the moment my list of things to do tomorrow is pretty endless...oh, my....
I'll keep you posted during the tour, I am sure it will also bring some good hits for the Flying Couch Project!!

per i lettori italiani: ecco le date del minitour, sarò presente con banchetto di mostri, felpe, tshirt, e inoltre alcune novità come vestiti e posterino serigrafato di mostri disegnati (e accompagnata dalla Distro Rocchettis):

5/6/7 giugno, miami, Circolo Magnolia, Idroscalo Segrate (MI)
10 giugno, miodi, Circolo Magnolia, Idroscalo Segrate (MI)
12 giugno, Indie Trotutta, TPO Bologna
13 giugno, Indie Trotutta, Centro Sociale Bruno, Trento
19 giugno, Copparo Summer Days, skatepark,Copparo (FE)
20/21 giugno, Rottura Del Silenzio, San Martino Secchia, (MO)
26/27 giugno, Soulville, XM24 Bologna