Friday, July 24, 2009

Studio news

Jean Pierre Pignon

I finally managed to find THE furniture I was looking for! I needed a nice storage cupboard/closet for all the tiny stuff I have around, fabric and boxes of buttons and threads...
I've been living in this house for more than a year now, and most of all that sewing stuff was still without a proper place. then this week I decided I had to fulfill my mission, so I went all around berlin looking for the perfect piece, browsing every little Troedel Laden (2nd hand furniture shop), and in Neukolln I fell in love these two pieces, plus the little red a super price... I couldn't ask for more!
so, be prepared to see a lot of pictures of my softies taken on top of that nanny's cupboard, like this one of Jean Pierre Pignon! he is hard workin' on one of the cutest object I've ever had! a tiny red sewing machine I got as a birthday present from my dear friends Maria and Trespi :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

STITCH WARS exhibition

it's finally STITCH WARS time!
it would have been so fun to be there in sunny Florida for the you can see here it'a cool bunch of plushies (and also amazing pieces made with other mediums) all inspired by Star Wars, the exhibition at the Bear and Bird Gallery it's curated by the awesome Amanda...
here are my two pieces:

and here are some of my favorites:

Lou Lou & Oscar; Philosophy of Yoda

Pinkypunk; Chewbacca

Phil Barbato; Whiskerbear Group

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ain't it sweet...summertime in berlin

Mr. Pompoms Whirlpoolly

today we decided to take an afternoon off, being that the sun was finally shining, just after I finished Mr. Pompoms we took off to Mitte, we had a walk towards the Hamburger Bahnhof, and these pictures are all the funny and colorful details that I found on my path...
the little bar/shop called "Mörder" (murder) in Borsigstrasse was closed, for my disappointment...

Monday, July 13, 2009

new handmade dresses

YAY, I finally managed to make and upload some dresses, I am very happy about it! I kept on having ideas about this projects, but somehow I couldn't make it...
finally in this last weeks I designed a simple pattern that is very versatile by adding I can always make a dress that is one of a kind! right now they are available at my shop
in the next days I'll be working on some blouses.
being that this is the first time that I sell handmade dresses on the internet, I will be happy if you have any suggestion :)

lately, more than usual, the weather here in Berlin SUCKS. for real. no summer, it rains every 10 mins and then it becomes sunny but just before another heavy shower... I just discovered via design sponge a cool berlin based blog, Schaufensterbabe, have a look at this post, so you can see that this city is not such an heaven as most people is describing it lately, eheheheh...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful Places

my father sent me over by email this great picture of our dog, on top of the mountains!

other great places where I would like to be right now are this, this and this

CIAO Siska!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new Les Monstris!

Duke Von Kanedicoden

Julino Gagarin

Gerwald Bloomers

Harry Von Gasuff

here is what I've been working on in the past couple of days!
the Duke Von Kanedicoden is a very special one of my Les Monstris: it is the result of my first collaboration with my friend Canedicoda who is a screenprinting wizard, and this time he gave me some cool black fabric hand screenprinted with white circles... I love the irregular feeling of that pattern and how it ended up looking like the rib cage of the Duke...
also the face turned out quite special I think...this time I tried out a more "drawing" feeling while I was embroidering his face... I hope you'll like him!
they are all in the shop, check it out!

Monday, July 6, 2009


hello, this last week has been great, I truly enjoyed every single minute of it, I rested a little bit, went to some markets and also made a shop update... up here you can see some of what's available there....
lately here is all about screenprint: the drawing you see up here is a little screenprinted poster, made by me and printed by Serimal
my friend Canedicoda was here, he's so much fun! I am going to work on some Les Monstris made using his screenprinted tshirt!
and also My friend Vera of Leraclet was here in berlin and we are preparing a collaboration for some screenprinted monsters...HURRà!
and here is a great funny video by one of my favourite band from when I was a teenager..great new album, I keep on whistling this song: