Monday, August 24, 2009


Ira Knubbolstein
my submission for "Friends and Enemies"

opening party

I hope you had a great weekend, mine has been awesome...
there was the opening of the Friends and Enemies exhibition! I was really excited about it because as I already said there was nobody I knew in person at the beginning when I arrived there I was kind of shy/minding my own business...but the curators, the guys from Kakaoboys are really sweet and they made me feel immediately at ease!
too bad that I took the worst photos that night, but luckily they are going to make a dvd documenting the whole process of the exhibition!
curiously among all the artist my favorite works came from a couple of girls: Maria Imaginario and Antonia Kuehn
My piece for the exhibition, themed "Bon Voyage", is Ira Knubbolstein, an orangutang who is desperately sad because everybody is leaving for some place, and he's not going anywhere....
he will be in my etsy shop very soon!

then I decided to take a day off on sunday (instead of going to work to the market) and with Mr. C we went to have a nice brunch at this place near Boxhagener Platz, called Intimes, gut!

I am also posting a picture of my first experiment with homemade bagels: this are made with puree pumpkin and they turned out quite goooood!! I am going to make some other in the net days.
I am thinking about so many things...a small part of me is getting ready for welcoming the autumn season, and I fell that I want to renovate a bit the things around the house, to make it cozier for the long cold months...but, still, let's enjoy the last days of summer, tomorrow I am going to the Badeschiff, a great (and ubercrowded) swimmingpool placed inside the Spree river... yAy!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

hey oh, hey ho...

Mini P.J. Greener is part of a new serie : Les MINI Monstris! I wanted to make some tiny monsters that could be child-friendly (no buttons and little parts and such, handwashable, the right size for those tiny hands....) and also available at a smaller price! I hope you'll like them, right now there are 4 new new ones in the shoppe!!
today I finally manage to update the shop with a bunch of new softies and some t-shirts...

I am working on the "drawing with the needle" technique
I am enjoying it so much!

Babbu Piroletta

Paloma Drumshine

oh, my, this is being a pretty intense period! everybody seems to be on holiday, especially here in berlin...but I HAVE to work a lot for the upcoming shows and such...

my submission for Plush You

this weekend I'll be at TAPE club for this collective exhibition:

ehm, ok, click to ENLARGE

I am also working on a personal exhibition that will take place here in berlin at white rabbit from the 5th to the 12th of about this are coming soon...

Monday, August 3, 2009

lazy and busy...

I haven't been as much productive as I should lately..don't know why but I am not very good at concentrate on things in the late period...
but, anyway, there are so many good things coming soon:
I will be part of the exhibition "Friends and Enemies II" that will take place here in Berlin the 22nd and 23rd of August! can't wait to meet all the other designers that will be with me there!
and, I am working on my pieces for Plush You 2009, some sneak peeks coming soon!
plus, thanks to Giulia and the other girls I am the artist chosen for the current month there at Zizì Collective, check out their site full of nice illustrations! (in italian only)

and this is a bike I saw the other day in front of Kaufbar, in Friedrichshain..his /her genius owner covered it with wooden adhesive "tape" cool is that!?

uh, and last week I finally entered the infinite Facebook's world..I am still a bit overwhelmed by the amount of informations and connections, but I hope I'll manage to work on it and take the best out of all that stuff....come there saying hello!