Monday, September 28, 2009


I made a big patchworked duvet and some pillow covers !
(double faced: on the other side it's in different green shades)

I also made a couple of new pillow covers for my sofa
soon there will be some also for the shop!
in the left corner you may see little Lincoln, a swap I made with Danielleorama!


Dear Berlin,
thank you very much for the weather you managed to give us in the past months, I didn't expect that many sunny days, at all!
so now I am ready for fall and winter, crocheting my first blanket (a great pattern from a 1975 crochet booklet I found at my mother's house!) while watching 4 or 5 episodes of Twin Peaks or Dexter each night...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Les Droplettes are here!

here are Les Droplettes for you, coming under the form of PINS! they were part of the installation for my last exhibition, and due to the success they seemed to achieve I decided to transform them in something "wearable" :)
at the moment I have 20 of them under the same linsting in my etsy shop, I will see in the next days if it's working like that (you have to contact me vie email or etsy conversation to tell me which one you like) UH, and there is FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 or more of them!

grab them to brighten up your gloomy rainy autumn days!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a quick one

just to say that I had the most relaxing week: crocheting in the park, reading "Hard times" by Dickens, dressing up kinda like Huckleberry Finn, thinking about new projects to come, eating cupcakes..tomorrow I am going to italy for a week, I'll be back the 22nd and from then on there will be new Les Monstris and other stuff... yeeeeee

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Soft Cloud

so, saturday there was the opening of my exhibition at White Rabbit, here are some pictures of the installation and of my boyfriend who was playing live there!!
thanks to all the people who came to say hello!
now I am taking a couple of days to relax a bit... the first places of my next To Do list are all about cleaning the house and tidy up everything in my studio and most likely put away all the summer clothes... this weather put me in the perfect mood for crocheting, and today I went out looking for some nice yarn, we'll see what I come up with... here is a picture of my first crocheted "solid": at the beginning it was supposed to be a beanie, but something went wrong and it turned out to be a perfect jar-cover, ahahah. I just found out some great video tutorial for crochet beginners like me, I just couldn't ask for more!

a walk in Mitte...

via ffffound
(I am totally in llllove with that site, but I have no idea of how to get an account...)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

september, are you serious?!

so many things to do!
this saturday there is the opening of my first solo exhibition here in Berlin! it's at the White Rabbit Gallery.
there is a nice post about me at PIKALAND, thanks Amy!
thanks to her I discovered the awesome illustrations of Gemma Correll, check out her flickr for a daily dose of humour and sweetness and cats and pugs...she just started a daily diary drawings serie!
gemma correll's diary

other two nice post about my stuff here and here !!! check them out!