Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chignon Brooches!

here I am with  a couple of happy pictures of Whitey Radetsky IV and a bunch of brand new Chignon Brooches, I just updated the shop with these goodies! I like so much playing with colors and different textured yarn... I hope you'll like them too :)
here  at home I am back to usual boyfriend wont be back home until next monday, but luckily I have another dear dear friend visiting me for the long weekend, so I wont be lonely that much, eheh.

Monday, November 23, 2009

latest news

I've been away from my computer these last days, I have a dear friend from italy visiting me, and we are all day outside wandering around berlin for some christmas-shopping (her) and watching movies at night...
I managed to list a couple of new  Radetskys in the shop!
big news: I have a twitter account now! come follow me!

another big news: "Small Stuff 3" show at Bear and Bird Gallery opened yesterday! check out a bunch of pictures from the opening !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I forgot the city, midnight pancakes!

strange days around here.  All spent inside. During the day I am working like mad on some new  monsters and other little projects and  in the evenings I am crocheting like crazy, I'd like to finish my red-white-black afghan before my boyfriend comes back (that's in 11 days...)!
so at the end of the day I am not even able to read from the computer screen 'cause my eyes are too tired -infact I am a bit worried about that:(
yesterday night at some point I got hit by a load of loneliness (and a bit of hungryness) and so I decided it would have been a good idea to make myself some pancakes, at midnight! they turned out  to be the best I've ever made, the perfect thickness and  I added some flavor with a bit of almond extract, so they tasted a bit like amaretto cookies, mmmmmh. (and obviously  a shameful amount of maple syrup has been used)
up here are some pictures of the last Les Monstris I've been working on, they will soon be in the shop (tonight or tomorrow)
so cool that  today my house tour has been featured at HALLO TIGER and design is mine! it is kind of strange to imagine all the people that right now is looking the stuff that I have around the house...

here are a couple of videos I have been loving these days:
I could go on forever watching the Swedish Chef

I am sure you will love  Colargol's trees as much as I do:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pouches& C0.


here are the wrist pouches that I've been making  during the  past days, they are all in the shop now!

and  have a look at this amazing picture: it is the Museum of Folk Embroidery in Ukraine:
 (click to enlarge please!)
can you count the years and years spent by women for making such an impressive collection? I really hope I will be able to see it in person sometimes... ( credits light2008)

My House Tour at Bloesem Kids

There is a small interview with me and my home there at Bloesem Kids! Thank you Brittni :)
and thank you all for your nice comments on my last post

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sunday

that little big face is mine, today was a beatiful day with a lot of light outside and I feel a bit guilty 'cause  I missed it, I stayed indoors , all day sewing... but I am riding a  wave of creativity around the house, and I am almost ready for a massive (at least for me, eheh) shop update tomorrow, with lots of wrist pouches made with my favorite fabrics! I am getting ready for the christmas markets here in berlin, and I wanted to make something smaller and "easy".
Yesterday I took the  picture of that beautiful  red mural, it's in a kindergarten in Richard Sorge Strasse, just round the corner from where I live.
It's been a nice weekend, even though I havent been talking to a human being for the last three days, since my boyfriend left.  The other evening I was  crocheting on the sofa while listening to the audio book of  Three Men In A Boat, my ideal of funny Friday night, ahah.
I still have tons on things to make for the markets,  I am ready for a week of rain now.
C'mon November!

Friday, November 13, 2009

around the house

here I am with a bunch of pictures I took around the house  a couple of days ago, I was working on Brittni's kind request for a House Tour at Bloesem Kids!!  I am so thrilled!!! my interview and pictures (different from the ones above here) will be up on Monday on their lovely blog, and I am so honoured of being in such good company, through their Open House I discovered pretty interesting designer and how they live in their homes :)

so, this morning my boyfriend left, he will be on tour in italy for the next 3 weeks... and so I'll be home alone again for a while, like last year... I wonder what I'll come up with in the next days, last time I have to admit that, apart from obviously missing his presence  and all the things that we do togehter, I had quite a nice time by myself, which surprised me a bit... we'll see!
by the way, his new album "Claudio Rocchetti - The Carpenter" is OUT NOW, and if you are curious you may hear it from here!
I love the layout by Lorenzo Senni at Presto!?records, he is a superfunny guy and I will have to show here some of his photographs 'cause they're just g r e a t!

and here are the last Les Monstris added to the shop, check them out!

Anacletus Du Barry and Barnaba Saintgermaine wish you a nice weekend

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the darkness these days...

here are my last "fatigues", two acrobats for the Ninon Ninon Circus, Delphine and Eloise, plus two small teethy monster, Blackey and Whitey...they are all in good company in the shop!
Mr. C is already fed up of hearing me complaining about the darkness these days...I hate taking pictures with artificial light, but  lately at 4 in the afternoon it's dark already, mph... tomorrow morning I will have to take  a lot of pics here for something exciting that will come up later...

I couldn't resist and the other day I bought something from this cute shop I already talked here about...

and here is a huge crocheted granny blanket that I will "inherit" when I'll go to my parent's house for the christmas holidays: