Friday, January 22, 2010

Chilling Week End


I am staying away from the sewing machine today, catching up with emails/comments etc. I went to the post office this morning, outside it was -10C° and I got very close to fall on the icy  pavement at least twice... so there you go with a couple of wintery images!
I've just discovered lulu's blog, a collection of nice photography!
and  in the week end I will be working on some more (!) wolfies Bolotowsky, and a wee interview with kim at Hyggelig Happy!

uh, and I've reached the 99th sale over at my etsy shop! the customer  who will be the number 100 will receive a small surprise from me :D

it's Friday,


Clare said...

I love the snow totoro!
Take care with the ice.

Amanda said...

Hi! I love the snow Totoro too! I have been a fan of totoro since I was little after watching one of their earlier movies in the late 80's. BTW, it is going to 40 degrees in Sydney today and I am staying indoor too but with the air conditioner on. You keep well in the cold.

angela said...

It does sound awful cold!! Rug up and stay near the heater, drink lots of HOT chocolate!!

I've invited you to join in on a little colour game if you would like, I have the details over on my blog.

I just went and purchased a little Ninon treat from your Etsy shop :)