Thursday, January 14, 2010

this afternoon

yesterday's lunch: homemade seitan "gyros"
with steamed broccoli & tahina, plus spicy cous cous!

today I've been sewing all afternoon, I am getting ready for a little shop update somewhere next week.. the two guys up here are not finished yet, but they already have names: they are Gaston and Ponchos!
It's a long way to spring, but I managed to fix that flowery vintage dress I bought a couple of years ago, it was too long, now I just can't wait to wear it!

go see some nice illustration here
and some great great LOMO  travel pictures here

please remember there are only 3 days left for taking advantage of the SALE I am having over at my shop!


Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

Ciao! adoro il tuo blo e ti ho nominato per un blog award :)
puoi vedere il post sul mio blog a questo indirizzo:

Non sei obblogata a continuare la catena e nominare altri blog se non vuoi! Ciao e ancora complimenti!
(forse io mi trasferirò a Berlino con il mio ragazzo l'anno prossimo)

ilovesasek said...

beautiful photos again! I've been trying to get inspired to make stuff. I think that the lack of sun has been getting to me... or jet lag. You're helping with the inspiration!

ninon said...

grazie Mafalda!

thank you for your nice words Amanda, you made my day :)

Maya Tara Credico said...

oh my gosh! Such a beautiful dress!