Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right Now

right now in the shop: Jean-Pierre Leprechaud! his tiny boots are inspired by the cute illustrations of Miss Linotte :)
A nice surprise: La Belette Rose made a post about her last purchases and there are a few things you may have see already, eheh! thank you Cècile, I'm happy to see that  they are in such good company!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm back!

oh, long time no post... I had a flu, I went to italy, I had some guests... now I am glad to be back, feeling better and with tons of ideas of things to make in the next weeks!
the pictures above: I really like my new lamp in the studio! the one I had before was nice, too, but it made an awful limegreen light, I wasn't even able to see the effective colors of things...
last weekend I was in Pavia, where I managed to spend some nice times with my old best friends! the picture with the balcony is where I used to live when I started the university. I wonder who is living there now, I have so many memories connected to that balcony...
my parent's dog,  Siska! probably in mid May she will give birth to her first puppies, can't wait!!!

 I was supposed to go to Bologna for the "Superheroes On The Sofa" exhibition, but I had a flu, I stayed at my parent's place instead, and with no internet connection, bohoo! and also there was something wrong with the post, and the parcel with my superhero turned back in Berlin, so tat the exhibition there was only a picture of him, eheh... anyway, there is a nice post about it at frizzifrizzi (italian only)

in the last picture you may see Jim "er Carota" Bunnybun, he is in the bigcartel shop now, and there will be other new Les Monstris coming this week!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Japanese Clothes

just found out this great japanese label, Kapital! some of their stuff it's a bit too freaky for me, but I love the jackets with puffy sleeves! and the pattern of the first dresses!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Violetta Testacalda at Pesci Pneumatici!

these are some pictures of the exhibition that took place last week at the atelier Pesci Pneumatici: unfortunately I was not there, but if you were in Bologna you could have seen in person the beautiful creatures made by Sara aka Violetta Testacalda! She is so talented, I really like the originality of her works, and the fact that they are practically 3D soft illustrations! see more of her work on her flickr 

I hope you had a nice weekend! I had a super Friday night and then a relaxing Sat-Sunday... now I have to move on at a more consistent pace, 'cause this week I have tons of things to do, which includes some serious Spring Cleaning before the arrival of my "in-laws", plus I'll be flying to Italy on Friday for a couple of days with my friends, saying hallo to my parents and then I'll take a train to Bologna for this event curated by the  Zizì Collective... yuhuuuuuuuuu!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Things for Spring!

Giovannin, Durruti and Mochisan Piroletta!

...here I am with a wee ETSY shop update, a little bunch of springy things that I've been making in the past few days! I am really happy about those large groceries tote bags, I will make one for myself to carry around a blanket with a book and my crochet for some OUTDOORS activities, hopefully SOON!
I've been quite busy lately, I've just started an online german course and so now every morning I am dedicating some of my sewing time to (finally) do something about my POOR Deutsch, I hope I will be a good girl and  stick to the promise of doing it a little bit everyday :) thanks again Amanda for the link!
uh, by the way, my Radetsky have been featured on a nice german blog, Oskar mag bonbons !
that awesome CARROT FABRIC just arrived in the mail yesterday, I ordered it from this shop and I am loving it, don't you agree?

now, the last "me! me!" thing: don't forget that my FREE SHIPPING week on the Bigcartel shop is going on until Sunday night!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

FREE SHIPPING for one week!

hey YOU! I am doing a week of free shipping with every purchase from my BIGCARTEL SHOP! starting from NOW until next sunday!
check it out and enjoy your weekend :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Things!

some linen and cotton fabric that will be part of my spring collection!
I am working on some smocking embroidery
superprecious traditional hand printed fabric
do you know the name of this technique/style?

 she is a monkey finger puppet that I've bougth at Bigbrobot the other day, 
she makes me smile every time I look at her :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello March!

Mr. Super Chinch Nipples

He is going to be part of an exibition 
curated by the clever girls of Zizì Collective!
in Bologna at the end of March

uh, that's me :)

hei, I hope you had a great weekend + a good start of the week/month! I went around Friedrichshain house hunting with a friend, Saturday night we went to a ubercrowded opening at KW, and yesterday I've been working all day on Mr Super Chinch...
I am brainstorming a lot around some dresses I want to make very soon...at the moment I am working on some object that will be part of a small collection celebrating Spring, as I did with the Gingerbread Collection last winter, I'll be posting some pictures very soon!
some nice blogs I've discovered lately: