Thursday, September 30, 2010

A bunch of new-old things


here are a few items I've just listed in the vintage shop, click on the images to get  more details about them!
I am going to work on some softies and zip pouches in the next days,  my boyfriend is leaving again for a 3 weeks tour around Europe with his band In Zaire,  I will work on some new projects and I will have plenty of time to do that  :)

latest blog post that I enjoyed:
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A few things..

I've just added a few things to my vintage shop! I never thought that taking pictures of "old objects" could be so fun! I am really enjoying it...

In Berlin is going to be a rainy weekend... here are three precious links to spend some time on if you, too,  are not willing to go out in the rain that much:

a collector of unexpected things
a passionate details finder
the many declinations of elegance

Friday, September 24, 2010

New stuff!

I've been working on some new objects these few days, now in the shop I have 3 bear faced zippered pouches! And a brown Radetsky, too.
I will be making other new stuff during the weekend, trying out different Les Monstris faces for the pouches. I'd love to make more accessories this autumn!

Il Ghirigoro!

Some of my Les Monstris will be available at Il Ghirigoro, a new shop that is going to open in Fidenza, Italy, at the beginning of october! Floriana, the owner, is a super enthusiastic and supportive person, and I am sure that her new adventure with this all-handmade shop will be a top one!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go Go Berlinette!

big news: 
here are some of the little treasuries that you my find in my newly-new vintage etsy shop!

Finally in the last couple of days I've been able to start uploading some items to my new vintage online shop, it's called Go Go Berlinette and there you will find all the little  pre-owned treasuries that I  like to go hunting around Berlin, with a particular attention to West German Pottery, also known as Fat Lava, a colorful and infinitely imaginative niche of the ceramic world, covering the 50'-70' period.
 I've always been collecting objects, particularly thrilled by the idea of finding something beautiful that belonged to someone else, and  that for some reason he-she had to part from it. 
Now I am happy to part from some selected objects, I hope you will find something you like, and please: if you have any tips/comments/suggestions regarding the shop, the pictures, etc., go ahead and drop me a line!!!

thank you!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tonight I will defy the first autum-like weather and go to Mitte to see thr Aaron Rose exhibition "TROUBLE" at the Circleculture Gallery! Rose was the curator behind the Beautiful Losers exhibiton, and in this show it will be possible to see some of his painted suitcases. I've seen only a few pictures of them and I am already in love...

nOw I got my copy of Kleinformat magazine in my hands, and I have to say that Dolores  is really a superwoman! I like everything of it, the format, the sticker sleeve, the taste behind it... and even if you don't read german it's still a candy for the eye and a good source of links for sites about children stuff and their creative parents... and, one of the things that I mostly liked about it: it's paper! that means that you can put it in your bag  and read it on the metro, sitting in the park, anywhere you want, but away from you computer, yay!

photo sources: the selby, circleculture gallery, monopol magazine

Monday, September 6, 2010


These are my 3 submissions for the PLUSH YOU show at Munky King, Los Angeles!
The opening was last week, and all the plush goodness will be up their walls until the 19th Sept.
you may have a look at the exhibition here, read a nice article here and here

and there is a very funny video  by Noel Ill filmed during the opening night:

now I am working on the pieces that will be exhibited at Schmancy in Seattle, opening the 8th of October!
Go plush you go!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm back!

I've been away for a couple of weeks! I was in Italy for some holidays, a few days at the see and then at my parents' place. We've been so lucky to find the absolutely-perfect-weather, with clear blue skyes every day: that night on the mountains, were my family has a cabin, the stars were so so bright and overwhelming that I could not stop looking up!
now I am back in my berlin apartment that will be pratically inhabited by moi alone until mid october: my boyfriend is on tour and I will be able to see him only for a week at the end of this month :( ...
But I have many different projects to work on and I really hope I will be able to realize part of them by September!
I'll be back monday with more news, in the meantime have a nice weekend all of you!