Monday, October 25, 2010

New Creatures oh yè!

...a slow work in progress...

Here are the newest creatures in the shop!!
I've just started a new crochet project, see? I've calculated it takes me 7 minutes for every stripe...I'm so slow... and so impatient, I've been crochetting like crazy the weekend to see it finished, but yet there is 2/3 to come...
Finally there are some pictures of the italian shop "il Ghirigoro", here are my Les Monstris:


go see the whole blog for other eyecandy pictures of all the goodies that Floriana has been collecting! (And there will also be an online shop soon!)

Friday, October 22, 2010



 Here are some pictures I took this morning around the house... the small collections of things are taking over everywhere...
I've just finished  these two bear zip pouches and now they are in the shop!

UH! I am the featured seller on Etsy German blog! (try use google translator if you don't read german...) woohoo!


Yesterday we've finally managed to go to the VODOU exhibition at the Dahlem Museum, and, as I expected, there were so many amazing things...I couldn't resist and I took a couple of pictures!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


 (Bay Keramik 1960s)
A small collection of various vintage orange objects is now up at Go Go Berlinette!! I thinks this is the perfect color for brighten up these grey rainy days :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

shop update and movies

I've been working hard at my sewing table these last days, I've added some new Les Monstris and Bear Pouches that are now in my SHOP !!! So happy to see that some of them have already been snatched :)

Finally the copilot has made his come back, so now I am enjoying even more staying at home with this autumnish weather...  here are a few suggestionsof movies that I've been watching and liking lately:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here are a few pictures of things that I like today! the first one is a small grouping of little precious thing I got in the past two days. I've found the book in a box on the pavement, "zu verschenken" said the sign (for free), I took it  up and I felt it was mine already :) the pattern, the color, the title (it means the Little Friends)***!

The two porcelain coffee cups are so fragile to the touch... infact they are all cracked :( but they still do a nice job as candleholders!

via style bust I've found this post about Elisabeth Lecourt maps couture, so clever!
and the last picture is a coat  I've been wishlisting... I will attempt to make for myself a vegan version of something like it, in navy blue fleece... we'll see....

Uh, enjoy the smell of dried leaves!

 ***P.S. (actually, as pointed out by a kind anonymous commenter, the title is "Die kleinen Freuden" =pleasures, and NOT Freunden=friends, as my head wanted to read it...eheh..well... at least I got that it was something nice ;) thanks!

Monday, October 11, 2010






These are the last vases listed on Go Go Berlinette! aren't they amazing all grouped together? They are all examples of german porcelain from the 60s-70s.
I enjoy the fact that they are at the opposite extreme from West German pottery from the same period , which is instead so colorful and kitschy (my humble example here, just to get the idea). Still such interesting surfaces and delicate plays with light (see Op Art)

Now I am off to sew a bit, I wish you alla a good start of the week!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Today it's the opening of PLUSH YOU 2010 in Seattle!!
Up here you may have a look at my 3 submissions :)

and while talking about plushies, Marie made very nice writing about my work,  she is in the know 'cause she makes the sweetest toys and has a great blog where she collects lots of info about toy makers!

...Instead regarding nice people writing about my stuff, Tiger just made a short post about her first etsy purchase,  it was a vintage creamer she bougth from my vintage shop :) thank you!

here are the last 3 items listed, I hope you like them! (click on the img to have more info)