Friday, November 26, 2010

Saturday 27th November: Voodoo's Beauty Market!!!

 I will take part at this event with my les Monstris, Accessories and Vintage Stuff!
If you are in Berlin come along to say Hallo and drink the first Gluhwein of the season!!!!

- a market for a new you -
an event by Strickenbar and Chez Jacki
Let’s the voodoo spirit getting inside you.
Thanks to the market, the designers, the beauty corner, and even tatoo, you will end the day with a brand new you!
*Vintage market
*Beauty corner
*Tatoo by AKA
*Cup cakes and pies by Ohlala tartes shop
*Dj set and cocktail bar

tatoo artists: B Bolen, and stef Wu
on appointment at
dj set by:
DJ FL/AM, Plateau Repas, Fr
Mr Roro, Fr
Winstan, It
Bot Ross, Berlin

27th nov
from 1pm to 8pm
entrance 1€

Chez Jacki
An Der Schilling Brücke
Berlin, Germany

Friday, November 19, 2010

The last 6 leaves

 From my window I can see the last 6 leaves of a little maple tree

have a nice weekend

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy afternoon

 new Les Monstris and new zip pouches!

 AYBOBO (sold)

It's been raining all day in Berlin, but being that we are brave we defied the first cold and wet weather to go to the post office (and later to Smart Deli  for a warming Tofu Miso as a reward :)
This morning I've listed some new items in ninon's handmade shop! there are 3 new Les Monstris and 2 Cat Zippered Pouches! the teal one with the Aybobo face has sold already! I love these zippered pouches because the face is the funniest part of making my characters, and yet they are something useful!
On our way back home, carrying a bag of organic groceries for cooking what we call the our Deutsch Meal (vegan wurst, mustard, cornichons, potatoes for salad) we came across a record store were we found this record by Glenn Gould at a very nice price:
 Sunday morning I was listening to the slower version of the Variations at 8.30 a.m. while going to some fleamarkets, and the deserted streets plus the music were enough to get that feeling of being in a movie...
I'd love to find this too:
and such a beautiful cover!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shop Update at Go Go Berlinette!

Here are I am with a wee shop update over at my vintage little online place, Go Go Berlinette!
I hope you like the new things!
yesterday while walking in Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg I've found myself in front of this beautiful Scheurich vase displayed in the big window of a cozy bar:
I can't remember the name of this pattern right now... but isn't it gorgeous all like that? just perfect!
I have one like this in okra, it will probably pop up in the shop very soon!

and today I got a little package from Italy, with my new customized oven glove by POLLAZ!!! I love it! and it is such a nice feeling to own something that's been handmade by a friend :D
grazie Pollaz!!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Creatures around the House

woah have I been busy the last couple of weeks! sorry to neglect you dear blog o'mine... but here I am with a bunch of pictures taken around the house, today was endlich the first sunny day in weeks and there was a beautiful light...
I managed to list two  new Les Monstris in the shop, GUILLAUME AYBOBO and WALLY BLUETIPPEN !!!
I've finally an account on Pinterest! check it out, at the moment there is still not much collected yet, but I think it will become a usefull tool for inspiration! be careful 'cause it's pretty addictive and it sucks up yout time while you don't even notice...

this fairly colourful grouping is on its way to the italian shop IL GHIRIGORO :) 

and these tiny faces are some new brooches I've made,
part of my submissions for Luv-able&Hug-able exhibition in New York!

UH! tomorrow there will be a wee shop update at my Go Go Berlinette, with a bunch of beautiful vintage vases, amongst them Bitossi, Ruscha, Ceramano, plus other knick-knacks :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 Today it's been so full of nice things and surprises!!! 

I've been "secretly" working on the ensemble of the "Little Friends", some petit creatures for my Schmancy Exclusive, a serie of plushies created for Kristen, the Queen Of Plush You :) 
You may read more about them in my interview on her blog!!! there are 10 of them and will be available starting tomorrow nov. 3rd on  the Schmancy online store!

AND this morning the postman brought  my copy of INDIE CRAFT, a beautiful book curated by Jo Waterhouse where I am featured with some of my Les Monstris, along with some of my favorite craft artists such ad Misako Mimoko, Tada's Revolution, Kup Kup Land... it's SOO exciting to see my furry fellas printed in a real book, wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo