Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YES we are!

I am SO  excited I can't even describe it with words, but I'll try :)
We've finally booked our flights to Japan! we will be in Tokyo from the 12th  until the 24th of April...
the picture up above has been taken from a photoboot right after coming out from the travel agency :)
the second one is my kitchen in gray Friedrichshain half an hour ago, and I don't know what it is about it, but I get some kind of  japanese feeling just looking at it...
right now I am looking for accomodation and all that practical stuff... If you've been/live there and you have some suggestions, I will be happy to read it!
some random great japan related sites I've found so far:
 hello sandwich, jollygoo, vegan japan, ghibli museum (of course!), tokyo gig guide, MOT, ok, I could go on forever... now I'd better stop and get my ass off the computer and to the sewing machine, since it seems like a rather expensive trip and I need to sell tons of monsters in order to do all the things that I dream to do once we  will get there.  olè!


Paul & Paula said...

oh great! I would love to hop on that plane... Japan is soooo on our list!

I have a good friend living in Tokyo for sth like 3 years now, drop me a line if you have some specific Qs I could ask her and I can bring you into contact ororororororor :)

PS: Cant wait to see your pictures then...

Miro said...

ciao Tania, ci siamo conosciute da Marina di Costruzioni. Sono la travelblogger. Volevo segnalarti la guida di Tokyo di Design Sponge:

ninon said...

thank you for the opportunity Paul&Paula! I am going to contact you right away, I think english speaking contacts can get very precious in Tokyo... and of course I hope I will be able to post frequelntly from there!

Miro! certo che mi ricordo, ti ringrazio per la dritta, vado subito a vedere! a presto e salutami Marina ;)

iroirocrafts said...

Wow that is so exciting!

I am also planning a trip to Japan this Summer, to stay with my best friend who I haven't seen in 2 whole years!!

I hope Japan holds good things for both of us ^_^

MidCenturyHome said...

how exciting! :D
of course you'll post a photo album..isn't it!? ;)

about your kitchen, I would say the plants make the mood...


emily b said...

Woo hoo!
How exciting!
I hope you have a fabulous time. Hope to see lots of photos!

Miro said...

trovato per caso oggi: consigli per il Giappone

Susanna said...

Ciao, mi chiamo Susanna ed è un po' che seguo silenziosamente il tuo lavoro.

Ci sono stata per tre mesi tra aprile e luglio, con base a Tokyo e poi ho girato un po', avevo cominciato diligentemente a tenere un blog-diario soprattutto per famiglia e amici, l'ultimo mese non ne ho più trovato il tempo (avevo l'ansia dal ritorno che si avvicinava "Non ce la farò mai a vedere tutto!!! >___<), e lì, nonostante i buoni propositi di continuare al ritorno, è rimasto (e mancano ancora tanti giorni belli, il museo Ghibli, le alpi giapponesi, etc... Ma prima o poi ce la farò a completarlo!).
Però se vuoi darci un'occhiata è qui, qualcuno che ci è arrivato non so come mi ha scritto che gli ha dato degli spunti per il suo viaggio, spero che possa essere lo stesso anche per te. ^____^

Leeanna Butcher said...

oooh-you have to go fabric shopping at Tomato! There is a whole district devoted to fabric... be warned though that Tomato only takes cash. You're going to love Tokyo- it's amazing! :D

Celine said...

this is awesome news!

angela said...

YAY!!!! I loved my trip to Tokyo, you will LOVE it!!

I will send you my Tokyo shop zine, be warned as some shops have closed down but still worth walking around the districts I have mentioned in my zine.

I'm excited for you!!!!!

Tomiko Karino said...

Yay! Japan in April is beautiful. It might be a bit late for the cherry blossom season, but it's deliciously warm and the air is filled with happiness :) Even when you don't have a specific plan, just to walk around Asakusa would be fun, especially if it's your first trip to Japan.

I definitely suggest that you go shopping for fabrics and sewing notions. They are mostly inexpensive considering how well made they are. Also, there should be some nice flea markets on weekends where you can find great ceramics.

Hope you guys have fantastic time in Japan!

ninon said...

hello, thanks everybody for the warm comments, every suggestion is very precious to me :)

Iroirocrafts: I am sure it will be great, and how cool for you to meet with your best friend!!

Angela: eh eh, I already have your great zine, and it's great! :) THANK YOU so much!!!

MidCenturyHome: yeah, it's true, the ascarii make it !

Susana: GRAZIE, il tuo blog è un modo bellissimo per passare una serata, mi sono guardata tutte le tue passeggiate ed era un po' come essere lì, con tutte quelle foto!

MIro: prendo nota ;)

Leanna: Tomato is n.1 on my list :D

Tomiko: thank you for such a hearty comment, I definitely will go fabric and ceramic hunting! maybe can you just drop me a few names of these flea markets? thanks!!!!