Tuesday, March 8, 2011

News around the house

gif animators
there are two new Les Monstris in the shop, Jerome Bluetippen and Renee Camembert!!!

yestertday I got some new indoor plants... the urge for spring is beginning to show up everywhere!
the two floor West German vases are Scheurich 
the plaid planter is actually a repurposed sewing box :)

 yesterday I got the first open-window-breakfast!
thank you Berlin for these beautiful sunny days

make gif

I am selling this amazing Gustavsberg bowl with the Pynta decor by Stig Lindberg
I didn't know it was so rare, until I looked for some on ebay and there was no way of finding an example... it's an hardly seen decor probably because it was produced only for a short period of time (1962-'65), so not so many pieces reached our days.
It has different kitchen-related object all around in this mid-century style so colourful and fresh that is the distinctive touch of Lindberg :)

that's all for now!
 animated gif from picasion


We Blog Artists said...

LOVE your new monsters!
Can you please send us some warm days?

Nicola said...

Hehe - the little "film" with different ear-styles is to cool!! And yes, I love the new guys, too! Also the bowl! I´ve never heard of these Lindberg dishes before... so it´s never to late to learn new things :)


laloons said...

Renee is so rad!!

De Estraperlo said...

Hi Tania!
Just wanted you to know that I love your work, and that today I've talked about you in my Facebook. Maybe you want too see it:
It's all in spanish, but all nice words... :)
Kind regards from Spain
De Estraperlo

Anzouya said...

I'm so glad I've discovered you! Your monsters are ADORABLE and I LOVE Berlin. My sister lives there for two years now and I have visited her twice. It's beautiful!

ninon said...

hello everyone, thank you for such nice comments!!

zigsma said...

Looking quite Springy over there. Autumn over here. I can't decide which is my favourite season. Love your plants.