Wednesday, March 23, 2011


these are some pictures I took in the last couple of days...mostly spent outside :)
the first one is my small collection of wall hangings placed on the long wall of my hallway... the last piece I bought is the tiny plaster head in the wooden "box" on the left. The head is as big as my thumb and carefully detailed, such a tiny treasure!
the second picture is from a walk we took today at Weissensee, north East of Berlin. it was very beautiful and quiet, I can't wait to go back there once everything will be greener and warmer!! 
right before going to Weissensee I was around Boxhagener Platz and with much surprise I bumped into Gemma!! so nice to meet her by chance and having a hot dog together with our boyfriends and her Mop :)
the third picture speaks for itself, I was in Prenzlauerberg, I think the dog belongs to the owner of the shop, "Oliv", the heaven of enamelware... I think it is in Pappelallee.
The last two pictures are from last sunday, the first a beautiful villa near Treptower park, the latter is yours truly while eating a great falafel at Mamo, in Warschauer strasse. Definitely worth trying,  and 100% vegan!

on the "news" side there is a very good one: my handmade SHOP is ranked 34. amongst the "Babble's 50 best Etsy Baby Shops"!!!!! you can go and VOTE FOR ME here :)


Corto Metraje said...

Hi!! I don't know how can I vote!!

lauren carney said...

Hello sugar,
I find your blog to be a bit sweet and rather special.
Well, thanks for letting me have a sneaky peak,
happy blogging, and have fun being wonderful x x