Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Perfect Thrifting Weekend (To Say Nothing Of The Cold)

Oh, yes indeed, it's been a glorious thrifting weekend! Despite the cold I catched a few days ago, I went around Berlin, literally east-south-west-north, all the way with my faithful rucksack and 3 layers of upper clothes!
I think I really needed that good feeling of finding something that makes your heart flutter... Being that we are postponing the trip to Japan, I am currently a bit less tight on my budget, plus, I really felt the need to "compensate" that postponed satisfaction, you know what I mean?
So here I am, my back and my legs hurt just like the day after p.e. at school and a dripping nose, but I have to say that am very happy about all of my findings!
some things will stay with me, such as the Sonor vibraphone and the red bag in the second pic, or the black laced shoes in the last picture (2nd hand, barely used, fit me like a glove: 2€ !!!score!!!)...
I still have to decide the "order of appearance" in the Go Go Berlinette shop for all these items, plus I am doing some researches (thanks dear Pottery and Glass forum!), but I am going to list a couple new every day, so stay tuned if you've seen something you like!


Vesle Serena said...

wow! Berlin must be a thrifting mecca! SO many beautiful things, and I love the shoes!!

littleowlski said...

Some very lovely pottery there. I always like a Scheurich 414! We're back in Germany in three weeks and I can't wait - looking at your pictures has made me want to be there now! Emma

ninon said...

thank you!
yes, Berlin is special for stylish vintage objects... but the "downside" is that there is so many people looking for it :)
probably in some country town one can find even more treasures for less €€€
Emma: thank you
I am happy for you! must be very exciting.. as above said, in your experience do you find more stuff in big cities or small towns?
too bad I don't drive and I have to rely on the amount of pots that I can carry on my shoulders :)

Emma said...

Hi, I think I've found better stuff in small towns. The larger cities seem to be a bit more wise to the value/interest in WGP. Doesn't stop me enjoying a good look though! Emma