Monday, March 14, 2011

Various Updates

I am spending many hours a day hooked to the news about Japan... what happened it's devastating and I'm feeling much closer to this beautiful country since we still have plans to go there in mid April...
it seems so absurd now thinking about cherry blossoms...
anyway, apart from those heavy thoughts I've been distracting myself with some fleamarket missions this weekend, and here is some of the treasures I've come home with:
"Gabi, 1959"
look at all the beautiful details of this photograph!
the pillow on the left is simply amazing, same thing for her dress...
and I love her witty expression...

 what can I say about this one?
it's a 2"x2" tiny picture of a tiny pup! 

here you've already seen the elephant set
but they go so well with the precious Rosenthal Quatre Couleurs vases by Bjorn Wiinblad!

this is a grouping of some of the latest finds. I am so happy about the Soholm lamp, it makes the perfect light at my computer table... I think that I am keeping it! ;)

here are some of the things that are now available at Go Go Berlinette:

and, last but not least:


ALITA: said...

hermoso todo :)

kathryn durst said...

i think beau tinkerbell might be my favourite softie of yours to date! soooo adorable!

Tomiko Karino said...

Hi, my name is Tomiko. I followed you from Flickr. I'd like to say one thing about your upcoming trip to Japan. Please don't cancel the trip, and Pleeeeease don't feel bad about enjoying your trip. Do everything as you planned. Go see the cherry blossoms, go eat the fantastic food, go stroll around the streets of Japan, do a little shopping, enjoy the flea markets. That's what Japan needs the most right now. What has happened is beyond belief and words fail me. And a lot of things seem "inapropriate" right now, but the best way to bring the country back to its feet is for the rest of us to continue with our normal lives. As a Japanese living in nyc and on behalf of the entire nation, I thank you and your partner for not cancelling your trip.

ninon said...

Hello Tomiko! thank you for you comment. As I've written in my last post, today we've decided to postpone out trip, we will be going there in October.
The issue you mention was amongst the reasons why we felt really sorry for not going rigth now, because of course now more than ever Japan needs to be supported, and tourism is very important in this, but right now , I mean, in a couple of weeks, there are still too many scary doubts. Today I've talked with a japanese friend living in Tokyo, and she agreed that is not exactly the best time to go now. (plus, as a very practical/personal issue, I eat only vegan food, I've been told that this can be a bit of a problem in Japan, and I am pretty sure it wont be any easier right now!)

me and my boyfriend are truly in love with this country and we have plans to go there more than just once as tourists, so for now we are just postponing our trip, and in the meantime we are figuring out other ways to help out somehow :)

littleowlski said...

Love the Bjorn Winblad vases - they're gorgeous. My boyfriend also likes your Vest vase on the left of your grouping. Great finds! Emma

Lee Shin said...

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Lee Shin

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