Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's new today

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I've been making more new softies for the shop these days, click on their names to see more pictures!
check out this wonderful treasury by De Estraperlo: all about stripes, where my Jerome Bluetippen is also featured!

yesterday I bougth my first Rose of Jericho or Selaginella Lepidophylla, I can't wait to see it open up completely!  right now it's still half curled up and dry-looking, but it has a wonderful smell that reminds me of the smell in a forest.

if you are so lucky to be in Tokyo from today until the 22nd of march go check out this exhibiton of handpainted ceramics by Mogu Takahashi
I am very sorry that I am missing this just for a couple of weeks...
but in one month like tomorrow we will be THERE!


Alita said...

i folow your blog every day, i love the colourful plushies.. and your tips

husg from Chile

you can visit my blog if you want

ainsley said...

I've followed your blog for ages and i think it's super awesome. you're a total inspiration to me and one of the main reasons i wanted to start a blog about crafting. today i blogged about you. i hope you don't mind.
that's the post about you. it's short but sweet.

Helmi said...

Love your blog, thanks again for sharing. Tokio, sorry to far away!

The Sun and the Turtle said...

Awesome softies!!! I loved them all. Oh your blog is so nice :)

ninon said...

oh, my, all these hearty comments make my cheeks all red, ehehe.. thank you everybody, I am happy that you enjoy reading/looking at my ramblings :)

De Estraperlo said...

Thanks for the link :)
Lovely post, as always!

Kind regards from Spain