Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rough Weeks

for many different reasons these last two have been some bloody stressing weeks, I had no time to post anything and when I had time my internet connection had the hic-ups.
One of those reasons is that I've started working as a waitress  to substitute a friend, and soon this job  has taken up all my time. Learning from zero and trying to not let it show can be quite a hard thing to do, especially if you are like me and you are kept awake at night by distressing  thoughts involving the easiness with wich I divert my mind and my oh not so great ability of handling stressing situations...
anyway, working 6 days a week helps learning quickly, so now I am starting to find myself more at ease, the only thing is that I still have to find my own pace, especially  during the "free" hours, when I should take care of my 2 main activities, sewing monsters and collecting objects for the vintage shop...
Apart from that almost everything's ok.
I have a "pile" of emails to get back to, I am sorry if anyone here is being disappointed by the lack of feedback from me! I'll try to catch up this week!

today I've finally managed to do some home cooking and listing some new items in the Go Go Berlinette shop, like the vases in the last picture, check them out :)


zigsma said...

Oh, so sorry to hear it's been a stressful time. Five big long deep breaths, counting to five inhaling and five exhaling really helps those anxious early morning thoughts melt away. Try it!! It's been working for me lately. x

ilovesasek said...

Ah! You're back... sorry you're so busy. At least it's not beautiful outside, so you're longing the entire day that you were not working. When you're not so busy let's have another tea break in the park! xx

ps. I love the turquoise vase!!