Wednesday, October 12, 2011

 I got back from London on Monday night, and spent the last two days re-organizing my studio and slowly catching up with all the internet stuff :)

I had a marvellous time at Renegade, such great people around that project!
I had the real pleasure to meet in person some of my favourite crafters, among them Eva and Jess !!
I didn't take many pictures, but you may have a look at here and here (funny, it's me on the top left corner picture on renegade's blog! )

amazing ring I got from Verameat at the fair

 boskke sky planter garden in a cafè in Shoreditch

some beautiful african fabric I got in London, 
can't wait to sew some Les Monstris out of them!

-----thank you Leah and Enrica for the beautiful time together!-----


Crystal said...

Wow, what a beautiful ring x

Antje said...

Ich verlieh Dir heute einen Blog-Award, ich hoffe, er erfreut Dich, lieber Gruß, Antje