Monday, October 24, 2011

News around the house

I've always loved moving the furniture around and trying new combinations... here are some pictures of our "new" living room that serves also as studio for my boyfriend. 

On the first picture you may see two results of my latest obsession: old african masks and figurines... African art has been an inspiration for many artists in the 20th Century, I think this is probably due to the fact that these works of art combine the maximum expressivity with such clean shapes and lines... at the moment I am trying to figure out which are my favourite styles/tribes... I have in mind a serie of Les Monstris inspired by Voodoo art :)

 My boyfriend curated a book about italian metal bands' logos,
it's called Dirty Armada!
chek it out here

we are getting ready for the cold autumn/winter
I just love staying a thome lately!

uh, and with the change of season I updated the shop with a new layout
and some of my latest findings

check us out!

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