Wednesday, February 23, 2011

an excuse to adventure in unexplored neighborhoods


this morning at 10 a.m. I had to collect an item I won on ebay, and despite the -11C° it was the perfect day for wandering around an unknown neighborhood! I didn't expected Karlshorst to be that appealing to my taste! there are so many beautiful early '900 villas, a mysterious bike path leading to the woods, small shops selling a little bit of everything... it is quite far away from my usual wanderings, but probably with such a house (peek a random one up here in the pics) I wouldn't mind living a bit outside from the centre of Berlin. I just can't wait to go back there after all the trees will become leafy and green, I am sure I will be speechless then!
the last two pictures are from Karl Marx Allee, just round the corner from my place. I was very happy to see the first outdoors tables of the season, it's still bloody cold, but sitting in the sun for 5 minutes is a real pleasure!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


all pictures Melt, by Simon Harsent. Published by Pool Productions PTY LTD, 2010.

This stellar photographies by Simon Harsent pretty much sum up how I've felt today while wandering around at the fleamarkets... it 's again super cold in Berlin, right now around -5C° (23F).. I know is not even THAT cold, but come on, we were already thinking about spring...
well, as soon as I got home I've burnt my tongue with a super hot tea (my new favourite: rooibos marzipan and cinnamon, yu-my!) and now I feel much better...

enjoy the rest of the weekend, there'n not much of it left :P

Friday, February 18, 2011

Surprises in the mail box

wooooooooo-hoooooooooo, today while I was baking some chocolate chips cookies the postman(woman) rang and there was something for me... a small parcel from Japan, by Mogu!!! 
with so many little big surprises inside, it really made my day :D
 Thank you so much Mogu, I wish I could  ship you some of those cookies ;)

and while I am at it let me share with you my last purchase on ebay, this ubercute plaid standing sewing box (isn't it great when you buy something vintage and then it looks even better in reality?), it's just perfect for holding all my crochet stuff...
I couldn't resist and I had to post this other picture up here, of this great set of cork bottle tops... it's up for sale at go go berlinette, but while I am typing here I am asking myself WHY am I selling this and not keeping it for myself.. well, don't let me think too much about it ;)

enjoy the week end!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shop Update At Go Go Berlinette

I've been working all day taking pictures and listing for the shop update over at Go Go Berlinette, there are lots of non-pottery items and yet more to come in the next days! Even a "magic stick" with plenty of small bells! Stay tuned!
I was very happy to see that so many people wrote very nice comments about my last post and the totems: thank you everybody! and this week my les monstris are included in very nice treasuries: this, this, this, this ... :)
and now some time away from the computer, hurrà!
here is one of my favourite movies by Takeshi Kitano,  Kikujiro's Summer. uh, and the first scenes were shot in Tokyo around Asakusa neighborood, in April we wont be far from that yellow bridge :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 In the past weeks I've been working for all this bunch of creatures up here, now they are on their way to my favourite shop in Italy, Il Ghirigoro!!! Super!
and these up here will appear very soon in the french shop Patati et Popotin!

and now some random pictures taken this week...

I will be making stuff for the handmade shop this week, like small head brooches and more little totems !

stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage shop update!


 these beauties up here and other new listed items can be found in my vintage shop!
:) look, the red faceted vase is in the beautiful Etsys Deutscher blog Valentine Treasury!
and another of my Mid-Century Modern items is in good company in this treasury
thank you!

I am very happy about all  the kind comments and suggestions regarding my trip mentioned in the previous post!! It's so exciting to plan a lifelong dreamed journey... yesterday we booked our accomodation, we will be in a hostel in Asakusa! now I am looking thorugh Hello Sandwich Tokyo zine, full of juicy hints! I am thinking of opening a separate section on the blog where I will collect "all things Japan", maybe this could be useful also for future reference.
that's all for now...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YES we are!

I am SO  excited I can't even describe it with words, but I'll try :)
We've finally booked our flights to Japan! we will be in Tokyo from the 12th  until the 24th of April...
the picture up above has been taken from a photoboot right after coming out from the travel agency :)
the second one is my kitchen in gray Friedrichshain half an hour ago, and I don't know what it is about it, but I get some kind of  japanese feeling just looking at it...
right now I am looking for accomodation and all that practical stuff... If you've been/live there and you have some suggestions, I will be happy to read it!
some random great japan related sites I've found so far:
 hello sandwich, jollygoo, vegan japan, ghibli museum (of course!), tokyo gig guide, MOT, ok, I could go on forever... now I'd better stop and get my ass off the computer and to the sewing machine, since it seems like a rather expensive trip and I need to sell tons of monsters in order to do all the things that I dream to do once we  will get there.  olè!