Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love May


these have been some very pleasant days, filled with home dinners with friends, playing ping pong, working on a custom order for the nicest girl ever (images will come along, for now it's still top secret ;), packing orders for the vintage shop, Austin Lucas' gig on Sunday, taking pictures... 
I think one of the things that I like most about instagram is that it keeps me more aware of details and moments around me, it makes things so easy to record and share...
My boyfriend left Berlin this morning for a 2 weeks tour in scandinavia with his band "In Zaire", so here there will be plenty of eating-from-the-pan dinners while listening to cheesy Classic Radio Soundtracks from the kitchen alarm clock... ah ah...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birthday Girl

 yesterday was my birthday!
this picture was taken on the same day, but 27 years ago :)

 this is my mother at the same age as me on the previous picture (ca.1962)

 and this is me yesterday :)

making the b. cake! 
(you may have already seen that beautiful oven mitten on these pages,
handmade by my friend Pollaz!

one of my best fleamarket finds ever:
a russian electric owl clock!
(sorry, this is NOT going in the shop,
I am keeping it as a present from myself, eheh)

 a gift from the man of the thrift shop where I always go :)

and many other little/big things... pictures will eventually follow
I am still waiting for the parcel with my boyfriend's main gift, c'mon postman, hurry up!!!
and also thanks from the very bottom of my heart to all the people that surprised me with sweet messages on my facebook page, overwelming socialnetwork warmth :)

p.s. new header! (in case you didn't notice it  BWAH AH Ah)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

these days

Hello Blog. These last days have been quiet and cold, not so good to spend outdoors... so a lot of foolin' around the house, home alone, cooking for myself at 5 p.m (lunch? dinner?)
I have tons of things to do but lately I've been wearing the crown as the Queen of Procrastinations :P

here's some papillon puppy love: