Monday, September 26, 2011

latest items!

 ...there are a few great little treasures in my vintage shop Go Go Berlinette!
up here is a cute candle holder from Poland

 a set of mid century modern East German vases in grey and yellow!

  a sweet tin kaffee canister with fireworks on it!

 a stunning Rimini Blu Bitossi vase from Italy
a fabulous Fat Lava west german vase in mustard

my set of Ruska (Arabia, Finland) espresso cups is featured on this great post on Etsy Blog! 

soon I will be listing some exciting TEXTILE findings
stay tuned and have a great Monday...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my submissions for Plush You! 2011

Hurley Mc Moorley

 Nina Palominski

here are my two pieces for the PLUSH YOU! show 2011, that will take place as alway at Schmancy Store in Seattle in mid October!
you can have a look at my previous sumbission herehere and here

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello Etsy Weekend


The Hello Etsy conference, "a summit on small business and sustainability", took place last weekend and I was there :)
It's been a fully scheduled two days international experience, in the amazing location of E-Werk, where more than 500 partecipans had the chance to get together and follow some very inspiring lectures about different aspects of starting a small business...
You may watch all of them on etsy's livestream channel,  I particularly suggest the mindblowing lecture by Douglas Rushkoff "Program or be programmed"...

that's all for now, I am going to oil the guts of my sewing machine and get some work done, while brainstorming about all the info packed in my head after this weekend :)

uh, and I've made some new friends and met some old ones, check out atelier vif and  Partybots!

p.s. autumn is coming
tonight I am going to see live Marisa Anderson

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back...

Hello dear neglected blog--- I've  been away from you for almost two months, never finding the right time or the inspiration for writing a few lines... I've been working at the restaurant for most of the time... but I took a bunch of pictures while I was not there, so here's a selection of the "best moments" of the past two months...

New things around the house:

after 6 years as a full time free lance I am actually enjoying the subtle satisfaction that comes with the secure money from a waitressing job...I got myself a new writing desk, that gorgeous chair, a warm coat for the upcoming winter (not pictured yet), a couple of beautiful porcelain lamps, some additions to my collection of vases, and so on... 

Walks around the neighborhood:

 that's me:

and these just because I like them :)

(presents that my boyfriend brought me from China and Malaysia)

that's it for now... In the next weeks I'll be working on the pieces that I will bring with me at RENEGADE LONDON, I'm so excited to go there! I will share a stand with my friend Leah
drop me a line if you are going too, it will be nice to meet you there!
uh, and this wekend I will be at the Hello Etsy Conference!