Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kitchen days

I don't know if it's the winter approaching or the fact that with the job I already have to spend many hours away form my home, but lately I've been enjoying more than usual spending time in the kitchen.
We have some plans for "renovating", or at least changing some stuff around and adding a bigger fridge (it arrived this morning! it's red!) and, La Di Da, the oven of my dreams. I've been looking for the perfect oven for years, and I've finally made up my mind, it's a question of days and it will be ready for some hardcore baking session!!!
In order to fulfill my plans a couple of weeks ago I've ordered the two cooking books pictured above:

the Veganomicon: I am reading it even in the bathroom :) it's really as great as I've heard, and I've already tried a few recipes that turned out great, one of them being some amazing roasted brussel sprouts (I am not a big fan of them but I liked the way they turned out!), yesterday I've treated myself with some crepes (super easy to follow, great texture and easy to flip!) and other recipes with tempeh. 
I've been eating vegan and enjoying cooking for more than a decade and I really like the fact that this book made me want to try new stuff!
If you already know this book and have tried  some recipes please suggest some in the comments :)

well, the long title already says a lot about it. First thing you notice, especially when it comes in a parcel together with the "frugal" veganomicon, is the attention to the image(s) of this  New York Babycakes bakery, everything is perfect and patinated and candy-like...maybe a little bit too much for my taste... but yet appealing!I still haven't tried any recipe from this book, as not all of the required ingredients are very handy to get, but I will definitely try some. I like the approach of making vegan baked goods with ingredients that are different from the ones that I usually use, I really want to give a try at their cupcakes, as I find that most of them (see Cupcake Berlin) are just TOO overwhelmingly sweet.
Sure I will post some pictures as soon as I get some done!

the last two pictures are of some treasures I've find at the fleamarkets whese weekend, soon there will be  new items to list in the vintage shop!

p.s. the "enjoy tea" poster in the first picture is by Jan Skácelík of  ReStyle !!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Folk Winter Tale

I've curated my first etsy treasury! it's called "Folk Winter Tale" and  is a collection of great folk patterned objects from all over the world...  for those of you who like living indoors :)

(I couldn't resist and just bought a pillow cover from folklorelove!)