Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last weekend I've been to Stockholm with my boyfriend, who was playing at Fylkingen
We were staying at our friend Per's house and he showed us around his neighborhood and some topic places around the city... needless to say I've loved every step of it! We also had a yummy vegan meal at the chinese restaurant Lao Wei, suggested by my swedish-berliner friend Victoria
But the thing that made my heart collapse a bit is his Sphynx cat, a tiny female named Noise:

I was very curious to see "in person"a cat of this particular breed, and after spending two days with one, and realizing that my the Mister had no signs of his calamitous cat allergy, we both decided that this is the cat for us!!! so now we are on the look for a female Sphynx, most probably after the summer. You cannot believe how this thought is making me happy!

These are some of the things that came back from Sweden with me!
I've found the beautiful and long time coveted Gustavsberg Bersa bowl at an elegant thrift store called Statdsmissionen, the "Detaljer Hemma" book at Designtorget, here are some pictures of it:
plus on the same "maple syrup for the eyes" mood, I've found this great magazine, "Hus & Hem RETRO", all in swedish but full of info about prices and what's hot in the Vaterland of Mid Century Modern Design... have a look:

I hope I will manage to get back in the summer, maybe staying a little longer than 48 hours :)


Mendruga said...

I want to go to the north, for a little bit time, when the weather is sweet:) Hello from Spain

{ Nina Designs } said...

Beautiful photos! I'd love to go there sometime!

Yvette said...

Great finds.
I love Stockholm, can't wait to go back!!!
Lovely post and good luck finding your Sphynx kitty.

sophie said...

The things you brought home are all wonderful! I have Detaljer Hemma as well and it's such a lovely book./Sophie

Laura Barbuto said...

Oh Stockholm. I lived there four years and would love to come back.
One day I will have my own red stuga...

Karin said...

such fun to read about my hometown! altough I was a bit surprised to see Stadsmissionen described as "elegant"...? :) if you do come back this summer you should definitely check out Old Touch (Upplandsgatan 43, near Odenplan), it's such a pretty store. otherwise, the best thrifting is done at Myrorna in Ropsten (red tube line), it's big and not so expensive as thrift stores in the city tend to be...
and thank's for an inspiring blog! I just love your little stuffed animals and dolls.