Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial: Paper Scallop Bunting

Here's a short tutorial for this super-easy paper scallop bunting!
(as you can see La Pouf loves it already...)

1. This is what you'll need. 
The black roll It's adhesive film paper, I chose a black matte one.

2. Trace the circles using the tape roll as guide. 

3. Cut out your circles! 

 4. Fold the circles in half.

 5. Peel away the white paper and place your string
  or yarn in the middle folding line on the sticky side.

 6. Fold over, like this!

 7. Go on adding your circles, it's up to you
 whether you want them very close or far apart from each other.

 8. There you go! Here I've made two short strings to place on my window:

Now it's up to you, choose different colors, different sizes, etc.
If you are going to give this easy project a try
 I'd love to see a picture of the result, leave a link in the messages :)

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LilyRibbons said...

So pretty, So understated! I Want some red ones!

Please enter my giveaway!

Lil xx