Thursday, March 7, 2013

these days

These are my first two tries at the beautiful mexican craft of ojos de dios, or God's eye, originally a ritual tool from the Hiuchol peoples, made using yarn and sticks, bringing unexpectedly interesting results, even with the simplest technique.
Looking for more information about this I've come across what seems to be the master of these yarn mandala nowadays, Mr. Jay Mohler. Here's one of my favorite of his:

check out his shop!!!


in other news, I've been listing many new vintage items in the shop, and looks like the crave for colors after all these gray days drove me towards some of the most colorful finds lately!

plus, there is a new doll in the handmade shop,
 she is wearing a skirt made with some beautiful african fabric!

uh, and last but not least, there is a sale going on in my NINON shop, some Les Monstris at a reduced price until the end of the month, hipppeee